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How a Rail Guard for the Bed Ensures Safety for Your Baby?

You wake up in the middle of the night and found your baby crying on the floor. It is a usual scene of bringing up a child. Sometimes major accidents happen if the injury is on a sensitive part of the body. Previously the mishaps are prevented by flooring the bed or putting the soft pillow on the floor. But the moms of today are more advanced as there is a smart solution for this. The bed rail appears to be fixed on one or all open sides of a bed as you need.

What is a Bed Rail?

Bed rails are the supportive tools that are used on the edges of the bed to provide safety for a baby. The babies who crawl or roll, find it as a barrier when they want to get down. Babies are also not safe during sleeping because most babies move their bodies in sleep and fall off the bed.

Types of Rail guard

Types of Bed Rail

There are several different types of bed rails for babies on the market. Every style is good for every different purpose.

Fixed Bed Rails

In this fall support, the bed rails are fixed on both or either side of the bed. You should purchase it mainly for the small kids who are a little more self-dependent on their bed and you don’t need to make them sleep. The design or angle of the room works behind the decision of types of bed rails.

Adjustable Bed Rails

In some beds, both sides do not need the same height of the rail as these have different heights on the sides. So there are adjustable bed rails that are opting for these. You can adjust the height of the bed rails as per your need for the bed.

Foldable Bed Rails

In the case of infants and small babies, the matter is that you accompany the baby on the bed. So, the system of the bed rails should be flexible for the mothers. Mommies would get up and down the bed frequently and they can easily unlock or close the rails. Even you can keep open the rails when it is necessary.

Extra Long Bed Rails Guard

There are some bed rails that are long enough to cover all the sides of a king or queen-sized bed. Most of the time these are adjustable or foldable to go fit into a baby cot or any large-sized bed. These rails can be applicable in the transition of the baby to a baby cot. So, you can use these for a longer period and on different beds.

Bed Bumper

Some like to put a soft barrier alongside the edge of the cot with a long built-in rail. But this is not recommended by us as it is risky for small babies. Toddlers also are not out of the risk fully. Parents think that in this way baby cannot bump its head or other arms into the plastic or steel rail guard. But it can occur suffocation of the baby and put them breathing problems and even death.

Concerning Factors about Using the Bed Rail for Baby

You can use the bed rail at any age of the baby according to the demand maintaining some concerning factors

Baby age

You put the bed rail on the bed for a baby. So you have to track the development of the baby during using the bed rail. You may not notice that your baby has just grown a little bit and learned to stand and cross the rail. So you must be careful about the height of the rails guard.

Gap between the grill of the rail

Make sure the gaps are narrow enough not to come out of the head or body of the baby. It is extremely risky. You must add extra grills to the bed rails if it is necessary. Or you must fix this before purchasing.  


You must search for a good review of the guard to the bed. It must be durable and not fragile. Otherwise, accidents may happen as kids sometimes are out of control.

Final Verdict

Use bed rails only when your baby is of proper age. By keeping their ages and developments in mind, decide the design and types of bed rails.

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