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How a Mosquito Net Provides Safety for Your Baby?

A mother never compromises for the safety of a baby even with an insect or mosquito bites. A mosquito bite is very dangerous for causing serious illness in some places in the world. When you are in movement, you may be staying out of the mosquito but during sleeping, it is tough to be unnoticed. People can easily be the victim of different insects when remaining stable. Babies are in a more vulnerable position. They are easily attracted by mosquitoes.

What are Mosquito nets?

A mosquito net is a barrier made by fabrics used to prevent the entry of the mosquito on a bed. It consists of lots of small holes that obstruct the way of the mosquito fly. The nets are made of a soft fabric that allows air circulation properly. So, babies can sleep comfortably inside this at night.

Types of Mosquito Net

Different types of mosquito nets are available for certain ages of babies and kids for their utmost care and safety. The best option is the fixed net for any bed or cot for the babies.

Portable Umbrella Mosquito Net Canopy

It is mostly available in south Asian countries as mosquitoes are very common, and so are mosquito-borne diseases. It goes well with newborn babies and people can use it for 6 months of their babies. Beyond this age, some start to roll over, and some start to crawl. An amazing function of this mosquito net is that it is portable. As the net is made fixed with a frame so there is no risk of accidents or breathing complexities. Your baby cannot get any irritation from mosquito bites and is fully safe under this.

Bedding Set with Mosquito Netting

This is the safest option for a newborn baby (0 to 6 months). The bed is made with breathable foam on the surface and a mosquito net is attached to the bed. You can put it on or off the net over the bed when it is necessary. The smaller holes do not let a single mosquito even an insect disturb your baby. Thus, the baby gets protection from mosquito-borne diseases.

Large Mosquito Net with Canopy

If your child is older, it is best for him or her. This type of net comes with a spread-over net cloth that covers a whole king or queen-sized bed. It comes with a steel stand which you can fix with the bed frame. Adults and older kids can easily sleep under this net. The net hangs from the top frame and is not fixed in the lower portion so smaller kids are not safe because of SIDS risk.

Mosquito Net for Cribs or Strollers

This net is specially designed for baby cots or cribs. Sometimes these are supplied by the cot. But many times, you can purchase it separately if the crib does not provide it. Nonetheless, the main point is that we do not recommend this, as not safe for smaller babies. Babies should be on continuous watch during sleeping under this.

Considering Factors During Using a Mosquito Net

  • For a smaller baby, a separate mosquito net is not safe during sleeping if not in a continuous watch. In co-sleeping it is safe.
  • A fixed net with a bed or cot is safe if getting part with the bed frame is hard.
  • An overall fixed small canopy mosquito net is safe for smaller babies’ protection.
  • Countries with warm climates try to purchase high-quality light fabric so the baby does not feel hot.

Final Verdict

The mosquito is one of the important safety kits for a baby where the mosquito is a very common element to cause diseases. Do not let your baby get harmed from the bedroom in your house. You can ensure total safety with a little consciousness.

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