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How does a Baby Monitor Ensure Your Baby’s Safety?

Can you be watchful for your babies 24/7?  Not really, you must bestow the responsibility to others in your family. Do you have any other in your family who can monitor the baby continuously?   I do not think so.

What will be done? There is a solution to a sure shot.  That is the baby monitor. You can put a monitor near the baby and can check it all the time during working at home.  How can you check?  Before this, you need to know how many types of those are available in the market.

What is a Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a device you can use to watch your baby 24 hours from a certain distance. Basically, it is set in the bedroom because babies are more prone to danger during sleeping. The cause is that they are silent and remain alone in the bedroom then. You can use it in other places too where you think it is necessary. You can get an attached or portable one as per your requirement.

Types of Baby Monitor

Audio Baby Monitor

It is the simple technological option of hearing your baby. Audio monitors can help you hear the baby from a certain distance. You can fix the sender part near the baby and the receiver part near you. This analog audio baby monitor uses radio waves to transfuse the sound to the parents. The audio function sometimes can be two-way if the feature is built into the device.

Video and Audio Baby Monitor

Unlike the audio monitor, it transfers both the sound and views of the baby. In fact, when you need to look at your baby along with hearing, it is the best option. So, the additional feature is just adding a camera with the monitor.

Digital or Smart Baby Monitor

These are wireless baby monitor; you can purchase a digital audio only or digital audio and video baby monitor. These smart options are easier and more secured for your baby. There are lots of smart babu monitors available with receiver and you can also add your smartphone, tab, notepad or mac to the machine for better results.

Another thing, there are monitors without receiver parts too, and that would be of low or higher frequency. You can check the baby through your mobile or other devices; no additional receiver device is needed. . There are different types of it like DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology) or fully enhanced digital baby monitor. These types of devices can cover your baby to 300 meter outdoor and 50 meter indoor.

Another amazing thing is that you do not have to concern about the range if it is connected to wifi internet. You can watch your baby from a long distance out of home.

Baby Movement or Breathing Monitor

This world is getting smarter day by day, newer opportunities are bringing more securities with increasing prices, of course. There is a special monitor that helps to watch the breathing or movement of a baby. There are two types of these stationary and portable. Stationary monitors can be stuck under the baby cot or any other place, near the baby. And you can attach the portable monitor to the clothes of baby.

Ways, that Different Types of Baby Monitors can Ensure your Baby’s Safety

You can hear your baby during your tasks

If you have a large house or the rooms are slightly soundproof; there is a chance that you may not listen to the sound of your baby. An audio monitor with standard frequency can ensure the well stay of the sleeping baby. You don’t need to come and check the baby frequently just keep track the signals of the monitor.

You can even see your baby with the voice

A camera with a monitor can help more to see the views of the baby. Some babies are noisy sleeper, so parents cannot figure out the status of the baby. For these babies, this video function is the best option. Some babies learn to crawl or roll, seeing them is also important, as we know after waking up, they could try to get down or climb down the cot. Accidents may happen at any time in this case. So, you have to be careful.

Rule out the SIDS

There are cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in some babies. Not necessarily the baby is in birth defect. Healthy and fit babies can also fall into this danger. If you are busy with work at home, it is not enough to check the newborn babies at intervals. They are at high risk for unknown reasons. The movement monitor has a special sensor that helps to provide signals if any type of uneven movement is seen.

Lots of variations

You can know about the types of infant monitors and thus can easily decide which suits your newborn, little baby, or toddler. There are options for choosing the digital baby monitor with or without a device; even connected with two or several phones or multiple cameras. Pick for your little ones among lots of variations.

Stress-free day for mom

Being a mom of a little baby is not easy. Physical problems along with some mental stress make the life of a mom stressful sometimes. Baby safety is another concern for the new mom. A baby monitor can help to reduce some stress and moms can relax.

Communicate with babies

Now some models of video-audio or audio-only monitors provide 2-way communication or 2-way talk facilities. Sometimes it happens that you cannot immediately go back to the crying babies, you can calm the baby through your voice and take the expected time.

Concerning Factors about Using the Baby Monitor

There are some concerning factors about the baby monitor that may bother you. A little amount of extra homework before buying the monitor will help you in this matter.

A safe distance from the baby cot

We all know that all the electronic devices that emit radio frequencies, opt to place at a distance from the baby. Radio frequencies are risky for babies’ health if it exceeds a certain level. Experts say not to put the monitor more than 3.6 meter from the bed. It will keep the baby safe.

Try to use low frequency

Lower frequency is always in safe position. But the point is that the lower the frequency, the poor the range and may be poor the signals. Long distance signals need high frequency to capture the baby’s movement or voice. Do not bother much as a certain amount of frequency is ok. So, try to be within this limit for the sake of your baby’s health.

Pick the right model and brand

Before buying the monitor, you must check the pros and cons of the available devices in the market. Not all the brands are good to go. Quality products are better from all sides. Ensure the security of the features so that nobody hacks the signals of the baby in the bedroom. Otherwise, you may be misguided by the false signals. There are incidents where intruders change the signals by hacking and the mom hears some conversation instead of her baby’s voice or crying.

Final Verdict

The baby is the most valuable person at home. To provide them with the safest environment you have the responsibility. You can get a light idea in this article of how a baby monitor helps you in your daily life. You can balance the home task and baby care at the same time.

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