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5 YouTube Channels for Kids

5 YouTube Channels for Kids that are Best to Learn

In this digital era, you cannot refrain your kids fully from digital entertainment. The steps that you may take, are-

  • You can reduce and fix the screen time to a limited one
  • You can choose the proper platform for entertainment
  • You can help your children choose the programs that are educative not hyper-stimulating and not addictive.

Television is better than other electronic devices, so when you think of some digital amusement for your child, television should be the first and best choice. It’s better for several reasons like a larger monitor, good screen texture for eyes, and good resolution.

When your child crosses age 1, you may notice that they want to talk with verbal words and be attracted to interactive communication. So it’s high time to switch the programs to some educative platforms.

My son is now 3 years old. He liked to listen and watch the cocomelon show when he was 1 year old. My son enjoyed the show for around one hour in total per day. He started talking but lagged behind the other children of his age. Then I realized that Cocomelon teaches educative issues through rhymes but the color, the fast switching of the scene, and attractive music kept accumulating his attention in just music and he became addicted to the views of the cartoons.

Then it came to my attention that there are such channels with informative content for children, which can both entertain and teach my child systematically. The speakers of these channels are very good at passing their knowledge to sweet little children.

My child learned a lot from the YouTube channels. I am going to discuss these matters from my own experience. I hope the mummies of toddlers can get benefits through these.


Blippi is an explorer-type entertaining reality show where the speaker named Blippi goes to and explores different places like kids’ zones, museums, children’s parks, indoor parks, outdoor parks, and dinosaur parks which are kids’ favorites and explore the world with interactive presentation. The alluring speech of the anchors helps the children learn about the topic with full of fun. A lady anchor hosts the program sometimes too named Meekah. There is a growing trend of a young fan base for the Blippi program. Through the variety of programs, Blippi and Mikkah teach the kids initiating from the alphabet, color shapes, animal names, and initial communication to daily life activities like familiar relation, lifestyle, cooking, culture, transport, science, technology, sports, adventurous activities, etc.                                                                                                                       


Another reality show program named Rachel is hosted by a lady named Rachel. It is popular for babies to learn the speech of first words. It includes learning colors, numbers, animal sounds, and different kinds of activities for babies and preschool kids. Kids like the baby talk and learn lots of nursery rhymes too. Hearing her fascinating sounds, kids feel it is easy and fun to learn new things.

Brain candy

It is an engaging program with a combination of actions of 3D graphics and a dog named Lizzie. This channel is mostly designated for pre-school & elementary school students. My child learned lots of shapes and new words or vocabulary with fun-related programs. He is very fond of monster cars or trucks very much. There is a series where different kinds of monster trucks are used to teach advanced shapes with full enjoyment. They find it easier to memorize new words, shapes, colors, etc.

Sesame street

Sesame Steet is an American series where live show, sketch action, animation, and puppetry are combined in a program to entertain both the children and kids. The most popular characters are Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover, etc, my son wants Cookie Monster the most to enjoy the programs. It is a versatile program where it crosses the border of all types of creatures and cultures. All types of creatures of the world meet and work together for better learning opportunities for the children.

Magic Fingers Art

Drawing and coloring is a creative and relaxing act for any person. Kids love to draw and color. This YouTube channel is a program for drawing, art, coloring, or painting. The way of coloring of Sophia is much more eye-soothing and eliminating. If your child loves to draw then it is the best way to entertain them without any harm.

All that I try for my child is, just he does not get addicted and stimulated to the digital media for entertainment. Besides this, you must cut the excess time of screening for your children according to their ages. The schedule must be maintained strictly.

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