The best baby monitor that connects to the phone

The Best Baby Monitor that Connects to the Phone

As a parent, we all search for some things that provide the best support for the safety of our babies. With the upgrading feature of technology, things are getting easier and easier to do and many new options are available.

There is a misconception about the digital baby monitor. Most people think that digital means that devices can be connected to phones. But that is not the reality. Infant-checking monitors which are connected through Wi-Fi can be installed on smartphones.

In this criterion, you may have just a smartphone app or dual-mode monitor that satisfies you both ways home and outdoorsC. With a dual-mode baby monitor, you can have a parent unit and an app for a smartphone. You can add more users as smartphones increase surveillance. The addition of an extra camera is also possible because these monitors are expandable and 100% interference-free.

Let’s know about the types of digital monitors which make you more knowledgeable-

DECT Baby Monitor

It goes for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. The main benefit of this it is 100% interference-free, whereas the analog ones may catch some unrelated sounds and cause interruptions in monitoring. The shortcoming is that you cannot watch all the rooms with one monitor as there is no option of expanding or no connection to other rooms. Getting separate monitors for separate rooms is necessary then.

Digital Expandable

It is also 100% interference-free but the difference is that it is expandable. You can expand it to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors. I think it is enough to watch several rooms at a time.

WIFI Baby Monitor

Here comes the expected one, the WIFI-connected monitor. You can connect it through an app and add several smartphones as users. The amazing fact is that the range is unlimited. And you can add extra cameras too, this is a bonus. The only problem is that for uninterrupted service you need a flawless connection.

Dual-mode Baby Monitor

You can have the benefits of both digital and wireless internet connections. By the parent unit, watch the baby without any hamper of connection at home. When you are outside use the WIFI connection to check on the children.

How to Choose a Wi-Fi Baby Monitor?

In this article, we can provide a buying guide for purchasing a baby monitor that connects to a phone. You must consider the following things before purchasing the wifi connected baby monitors.  

Stable Wi-Fi Connection

Before selecting a good-quality infant monitor with a Wi-Fi connection, the foremost priority is ensuring a continuous internet flow. Without it, the device fails to meet your requirements of checking the baby. If the connection cuts out, the device stops working. So, ensure that your home has a good internet connection with problems occurring rarely.  


With the option of connecting the phone to the monitor, it does not matter what the range is. But for the dual mode monitor, you can choose the parent device that must cover 50 meters indoors.

Battery life

It is another important feature of the WIFI monitor. When you connect it to the phone then the charging level of the smartphone should be considered. The high battery power of the parent unit provides uninterrupted service for a longer time.


The choice depends on your preferences. If you choose the mounted device to the wall, you won’t get the facilities of portability. You can use it out of the home city too with the help of a connection to the phone.

WIFI Hacking Prevention

As the network is a wireless network and it can be easily hacked by cyber intruders. You need a real IP that minimizes the hacking probability and remember to add wireless encryption so that nobody can hack or misuse the app.

Extra Features

You can check about the extra features of Wi-Fi video monitors like the angle, large screen at parent units, HD night vision, two-way talk, motion alerts, recorded video, etc. You can select one that provides the necessary features.

 4 Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitors that Connect to the Phone

VTech Upgraded Smart WiFi Baby Monitor

Very few monitors provide support for both Wi-Fi connection and non-Wi-Fi radio waves. Vtech smart baby monitor is one of those few. It can make your life safe and happy at a reasonable price too.


  • The first thing to admire is that you have a parent unit and smartphones to attach to the baby monitor. You can rotate the camera at the highest of 270 degrees and the overall field of view is 360 degrees. You can enjoy the full view of the place.
  • You can use the router mode to connect to a Wi-Fi network and gets access to smartphones
  • It has an image sensor that provides true day color and night vision. Thus, you can check the environment of the room whether any smoke or any other doubtful texture available in the room. The night vision supported with 7x more pixels helps you see the clear picture in dark.
  • The 120-degree wide-angle lens cuts the need for multiple lenses. It gives you the best video feed with night vision that makes your mind more secure.
  • Your baby feels safe when listening to your sound. The 2-way talk makes you both relaxed when you are not at home.
  • With 4 sets of ambient sounds and 5 lullabies can act as white noise to help your baby sleep in no time.
  • It is well mounted to a specific place with adjusted angles and is portable too.
  • You can control the pan, tilt, and zoom wherever you are, from the parent unit as well as smartphones. It seems that the whole control unit is in your hand.

  • It is easy to use the buttons and has a great user interface.
  • The battery life is long and replaceable. You can go without a charger for a few hours even.
  • It can track motion and temperature very well.
  • The related app is very well-connected, and you can use it on all smartphones.
  • The audio does not continuously play the white sounds that may irritate the person who monitors.

  • Connection loss problems in the parent unit with the camera randomly.
  • It needs the flawless flow of the internet which sometimes is not possible.
As a dual-mode baby monitor with amazing features and a reasonable price, I think it goes well for those who need it at home and in a remote place.

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Do you have multiple children or twins to look after through more than one camera? this is the most expected one as you can split the screen and watch them in separate rooms.


  • It has no sensor but has a breathing band to wear that tracks the breathing and sleep of the infant. Instead of the sensor, it uses computer-based print recognition technology to monitor the heart rate.
  • It has a smart sheet which if you pair it with the monitor can track the measurement of their growth, and sleep times and have the records.
  • It has a scarp book that you can use to record the baby’s memory that can help cherish the baby’s moments the whole life.
  • It uses two-way talk technology from anywhere and you can see very clearly from a phone within any range of Wi-Fi connection. It supports a 1080p screen with a clear view.
  • Wall-mount and multiple stands both are available.

  • You can retrieve some important data on the baby’s sleep history, growth, and activity clips with the help of smart algorithms.
  • The sensor fee breathing band is healthy for babies.
  • Parents can create a memory scrapbook without being present on the spot.

  • Too many alerts are sometimes irritating.
  • Loss of internet connection stop the monitor for the time being.
  • Price is not reasonable.
It is not dual mode and works with Wi-Fi connection and Ai. Parents who are most conscious about the breathing of the baby may find it useful. They also will be curious about the growth and sleeping patterns record.

Invidyo – WiFi Baby Monitor with Live Video and Audio

If you need a more updated form of Wi-Fi technology with a baby monitor, then Invidyo – WiFi Baby Monitor with Live Video and Audio is the expected one. It provides the facility of Alexa voice service where you can control the device with your voice. Besides this you may get lots of features too.


  • You can connect your baby through a smartphone from anywhere and track your baby’s all activities. The background audio is always on sothat you can feel connected to the baby 24 hours.
  • You can get the notification of cry, sleep, and stranger alerts like if someone new comes near to the baby. You can also get the record of sleep, crying, and memorable clicks of smiles that are joyful and necessary for you.
  • Lots of notifications may distract you on phones during your working period. Through the app, you can filter the sensitivity and need of notifications and control them.
  • You will be able to pan and tilt through the smart video monitor apps to get the correct angle.
  • Two-way communication system helps you feel much safe through smartphones.
  • Side by side there are other extra features like; lullaby, white noise, shushing sound, etc.

  • There is a system of recording the names of known people, so, a stranger alert works best with face recognition.
  • It can save the video snippets for 4 hours so you can see the important clips later in your day.
  • Easy to set up the device.
  •  Picture quality is clear.
  • Extra warning in crying that as a parent you may like the most.
  • Subscription system is difficult to run on multiple phones.
  • Device is disconnected after the loss of internet.
  • Picture quality and night vision are not good enough.
If you have several people or relatives seeing your home regularly, Invidyo - WiFi Baby Monitor is for you for the amazing stranger alerts.

Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor

If your main concern is the breathing capability of the baby, then Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor is the one you need. Besides the task of looking after proper breathing, it provides other features too.


  • The sleeping position is monitored, and it notifies if the baby rolls over.
  • You can get all the notifications on smartphones when there is movement in the baby, especially in the abdomen. It provides alerts for less or weak or no movement clearly with different signs.
  • There shows a measurement of temperature around the bell, so that you can protect the baby from overheating and a cold feeling.
  • It is connected to smartphones through Bluetooth, so a very low radiation level is used that is safe for babies. With that baby, parents can monitor the baby within 50 meters.
  • There is an optional Sense-U Base Station that is available with a separate purchase which is connected by Wi-Fi and has no range limitation.

  • You can watch the breathing issue of your baby continuously.
  • No wifi is needed here. So there is no problem of loss of connection.
  • It alerts every moving activity.
  • You can see the babies through smartphones with the use of Bluetooth.
  • You can add the Base station for unlimited range with Wi-Fi.

  • It can connect just to one phone
  • It does not track history like others.
  • The app takes a little bit of a long time to respond.
 If your baby has had some breathing problems before or is a sick baby who struggles to breathe, then it is the best choice.

Final Verdict

All those baby monitors are absolutely good to go with parent units or smartphones or both. It is your need and choice that help you choose the perfect baby monitor that connects to phone.

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