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How do Corner Guards Increase Safety at Home?

Babies are always playful. They are the lives of the home. They should not be bound by any area to play to go. It is better to baby-proof the whole house. They can play, have fun, and run all over the home. The more they can jump and run, the more they would be happy. Any dangerous elements should not come in the way of their enjoyment.

When the baby starts to crawl, walk, or run, parents get tense immediately as they can reach any part of the house and get clashed. The first thing to do is cover all the corners of furniture with corner guards. This will not prevent collisions but rather prevent mishaps when they accidentally hit the corner of any furniture like a table, windows, chairs, other furniture, walls, sharp objects of any element, etc.

Types of Corner Protectors

There are different types of corner guards to protect the people of the house. You may consider the people for whom you are going to cover those. This helps you to choose the features like materials, color, design, etc.

Transparent Corner Guards

These are clear corner guards that can not cover the damage to the corner if any. But it can provide full protection for the baby having fun in the house. If they hit the corner, then this protector of thin plastic keeps them safe. There are different shapes of clear corner guards like circular, and triangular ones. Another benefit is that you can get those at reasonable prices and cover the whole house where it is necessary. These corner guards help prevent the baby from bumping the head or face into the corner in a comfortable way. Parents are comfortable too as these are very easy to install and take out. These are separate guards of universal size and are found in multiple quantities in a pack.

Rubber or Foam Corner Guards

Rubber or foam is a soft material that is very safe for smaller babies. Unlike plastic ones, this type of corner guide is available at any length. You may shorten it to the necessary length and use it to cover a long line like the whole border of a glass table. Sometimes people have some glass tables in their homes which are dangerous for babies if they hit those. It is amazing to use it as you can use this with low maintenance and easy handling.

Colorful Corner Guards

Rubber or plastic corner guards both can be colorful in their way. This has the advantage of designing or covering damage to the possessions along with the baby-proofing benefit. In addition, you can order the color combination by matching the walls to cover the differences. You can use this as a design for beautification. If you are concerned about the style of your house with the benefits of safety, go for colored products that are camouflaged and do not harm the design.

Metal Corner Guards

Stainless steel or aluminum material corner guards do not work as child safety furniture corner guards. It is used as protection against harm to the wall or furniture. These types of protectors prevent scratches or spots that can occur through continuously bumping into the bed or other furniture. These corner guards are not proper protection for kids as the edges are not smooth to touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you have to use the corner guards?

As soon as your baby starts to crawl, it is high time to cover all the edges of the furniture. During this time, they can reach the whole house in the blink of an eye. So you should cover all the corners with protectors as much as possible.  

Are corner protectors a choking hazard?

No corners protectors are smaller things to be choked by babies. Besides, the corner protector has a shock–absorbing outer layer and prevents any mishaps if a baby bumps into the corner. Whatever the materials are, these are toxic-free, choke-safe, bite-safe, and of food grade. These are excellent to protect the babies of the house.

Do corner protectors work?

Sure, it works. It can save your children from being dangerously injured if they hit the corners. Without -it, the house cannot be protected well. So, a corner protector is a priority for baby-proofing activities.  

Can you Paint Corner Guards?

Sure, you can paint the corner guards to increase the beauty of the house. Sometimes walls should be protected to cover the sharp parts. To camouflage the color to the wall, you can paint accordingly.

Corner guards, corner protectors, corner covers, whatever you call those, are crucial to protect the babies or toddlers of your home. It is the first stage to making your home sweet home for babies so that they can run, jump, dance, and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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