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Why Do you Need Child Safety Locks at Home?

If your home is blessed with babies or toddlers, you cannot ignore the need for child safety locks. It is important not only for the safety of the child but also for the proper storage of valuable things that are not safe on your child’s hand if they can reach it.

What is Child Safety Lock?

The child lock is simply the lock that is prevented from opening by the child or people who do not know the special mechanism. This lock is used for different elements like drawers, cabinets, fridges, ovens, doors, etc. The type of locks depends on the place where you are going to put the locks.

Types of Child Safety Locks

There are several types of child-proof locks that you can use on different furniture. Let’s have a look-

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks can be installed in different rooms in drawers, cabinets, and even indoors. The magnetic keys are external, and the lock is installed inside the furniture. You can keep it open for some time so that others will not notice. Another benefit is that the locks are not seen, so kids cannot touch this. Another advanced version of a magnetic lock is an electromagnetic lock. It is a smart device that can be managed through the phone without being physically present. If you are outside the home and forget to lock the keys, it is the best option. The price is a little bit higher.

Spring Action Locks

These are very easy to install and common. These are the very first type of locking style of cabinets or doors. But the usage is rare now for the invention of many advanced technical locks. In this type of lock just pressing a latch up and down can control the lock. Pressing up the latch helps to lock and pressing down helps to unlock. Without a key, you may control the lock with high finger strength.

External Locks

Knob or slide locks are external locks that are installed outside the door. These locks are very reasonable and easy to use. These are usually for round knobs and straight handles. Just squeeze the part for locking and unlocking and thus the locks are used.

Adhesive Cabinet Locks

This type of lock is a low-price lock system, and these are very regular products in recent years. The installation is quick and easy for all. One benefit is that you can purchase a lot of those and apply them to all types of accessories that need to be locked up like two doors, ovens, fridges, cabinets, dishwashers, etc. Another benefit is that it does not damage the surface at all, just post the sticky pad on the surface.

Frequent Asked Questions

When to use Child Safety Locks?

why use child safety lock

Child safety locks are necessary when you have mischievous blessed babies at home. They are curious about all the ways and try to look and open all the cabinet-types accessories that can be opened. Sometimes parents keep these things to a higher place, but toddlers are always busy finding new ways to meet their wonder wishes. Thus, they bring a tower and climb to reach there.  So, the safest way is to activate the locks so that these cannot be opened by them.

When to Remove the Safety Locks?

It depends on the activities of the child for whom the safety lock is given. If you notice that the kid is not interested in opening the cabinets anymore then you may uninstall the safety lock. But always ensure the child’s safety first, so before opening the lock you have to maintain the safety of the drawer or cabinets more. In any case, if the child tries to look inside and there is a risky accessory, that is dangerous.

Which Type of Lock will you Use?

For smaller babies, a less strong system lock can be used as they are not much threat. But for older children, it is optimum that you use the strong and secure lock. Those children can make it possible to unlock the keys with several tries. So, make the selection of the childproof keys by accessing the motor skill of the children.

Final Verdict

Child safety locks are very crucial things at home even if the cabinets or drawers are in higher places. Children are always searching for possible ways to reach things everywhere. So, parents must be careful as there are lots of hazardous elements at home. Babyproof all the cabinets and other furniture with a proper child lock system.

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