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Baby Sleeping on Pillow Bad for Back

Though sleeping pillow is shopped commercially worldwide, recent studies show that it is unnecessary and harmful to a baby’s back and breathing problems.

We adults think that using a sleeping pillow can improve the comfort zone of a baby. On the other hand, it is thought that the pillow prevents the baby’s flat head.

But all those things are not real causes. Babies do not need to be comforted by sleeping pillows and the flat head automatically is formatted within 2 years when the baby moves liberally during lying position.

“A baby’s death is tragic, heartbreaking, and often preventable. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that simple is best: babies should always sleep in a crib or bassinet, on their back, without soft toys, pillows, blankets, or other bedding,” – Professor Moon, Pediatrics, University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Let’s try to understand why the sleeping pillow is bad for a baby-

When you keep your baby’s head on a pillow, your baby’s neck can be tilted backward or frontward. As the necks are weaker than the heads, their heads tip forward and kink off their airways during sleeping. For this reason, they cannot breathe or get enough oxygen to flow to their lungs. This can cause sudden death.

Sleeping on the back is the best way of sleeping for a baby on a flat surface. This does not cause any harm to the baby and the baby can sleep comfortably. The back of the baby along with the hip and neck are in the same line to help the baby have a correct posture for sleep.

It is good to keep the crib or baby cot bare or Moses basket without any pillow, blanket, soft toy, or other. In fact, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that any sleeping device like a swing, carrier, stroller, or car seat should not be used for infants of less than 4 months. These things are bad for babies’ health. Sleeping wrong may create harmful posture for a baby.

The Best Sleeping Position and Situation for a Baby

According to AAP the best-recommended sleeping position for a baby is sleeping on the back. This position incorporates not having any sleeping device or pillow on your bed. the body of the baby must be placed on a flat surface without any inclined position for the head. The position should be straight. When you put your baby on the bed with a pillow, the head goes inclined and it affects the neck to tilt frontward or even backward.

On the other hand, sleeping on a pillow may cause an effect on your baby’s neck to get stiff neck which adults experience more. Sleeping on a pillow may not put the back of the baby and head in a comfortable position. This turns the neck into an awkward position and the infant can get a stiff neck. With this, they cannot move their heads on either side and have to endure slight pain. Although this will recover on its own, it’s our duty to check them for the aim of preventing any awkward position.

The bedding of the baby should be bare and if you need a nursing pillow it is acceptable but just for breastfeeding.  You cannot use the nursing pillow for a longer time or during sleeping. Use this only when the infant is awake.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it OK to elevate baby’s head while sleeping?

Sometimes moms want to elevate the head of the baby to prevent a stuffy nose. It works, but babies should be observed closely then. Because it is not safe as the head may get into the legs and the baby’s head can be injured. Moreover, baby can roll over to reach the end of the bed or cot too which is dangerous.

Is it okay for a baby to sleep on top of pillow?

No, it is not okay to put the baby to sleep on top of the pillow. It may cause different accidents for the neck, back, or hip of the baby. Sudden breathing problem is another problem for this cause.

How do I get my baby to sleep flat on her back?

Some babies naturally do not want to sleep flat on their backs. They feel comfortable sleeping on their sides, so when you put the babies in the bed in a flat position, they roll to their sides sleeping in their unconscious minds. You can help them to sleep on their back by changing their positions frequently. This helps their minds to get used to the best position of sleeping slowly.

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